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underground is the youth division of Open Doors
11 July 2004
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underground weekend filling fast!

Fancy a weekend underground?

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Buy an underground hoodie and in the process provide two Bibles for persecuted Christians. How good is that?!

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underground out and about

This weekend underground teams will be busy lifting the lid on persecution against Christians at two youth events...

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keep in touch

If you want to help tackle persecution and make a connection with the global church, then you need to stay in touch with underground.

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In southern Mexico [Chiapas] persecution has made nearly 35,000 Christians homeless. Mobs have destroyed homes and crops. Christians have been violently abused and even killed for their faith. And today, there are 35 Christian men unjustly imprisoned - made easy scapegoats by the authorities - separated from their wives and children for 35 years.

You can help Christian communities in Chiapas rebuild their future by joining underground’s CHIAPAS FRIENDSHIP CAMPAIGN. We’ll send you 5 friendship bands made by persecuted Christians in Chiapas - you then tell people about the needs out there and suggest people give £2 or £3 for a band. Once you’ve sold all your bands send the money into Open Doors (preferably in the form of a cheque made out to Open Doors). All the money given for bands will go to help those in need in Chiapas.

Email underground@opendoorsuk.org or call 01993 885411 now to join the CHIAPAS FRIENDSHIP CAMPAIGN.